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The Women's stories

One woman's premonition that war was inevitable

All pretty confusing!  The women, as well as the men, found it difficult to follow the politics that led to war.

A woman war poet gives her  irreverent views on the Britsh Government's tight-fistedness in paying for hospitals.

As keen 'to do their bit' as the men, here's one woman who beat the BEF to France.

Irish poet Katharine Tynan records the West Kents leaving Dublin

The first war poem written by a woman was publsihed this day 100 years ago.  Winfred Lett's describes a moving scene.

A surprising story about one of Queen Mary's charitable dieas and how it went terribly wrong.

An Essex nurse waits desperately for casulaties to care for.  When the frontline collapses she and her colleagues have more than enough to cope with.

In the face of the German invasion - hear about a week in Namur, Belgium, with Millicent, Duchess of Sutherland, and her nurses.

Looking back at August - one sister's grief for a dear brother.

Two women medical doctors were told to, "Go home and sit still".  They didn't and thousands of wounded would be grateful.

Kathe Kollwitz waves her son off to War and describes the pain which she and other mothers feel.

Kathe Kollwitz finally hears about her son.

When told by the British war office to "Go home and sit still" the Scottish women make offers of help  to the French and Serbs.

Location, Location, Location! Dr Elsie Inglis and her Scottish Women are looking for somewhere to establish their first hospital.  An old Abbey looks perfect, but.....

So what did the Abbé de Royaumont offer the Scottish Women's Hospital unit beyond magnificence? Find out more of this compelling and unknown First World War story.

Hear how the first group of Scottish Women got on during their journey to the Abbé de Royaumont. It was far from plain sailing!

The first Scottish Women have arrived at the Abbé de Royaumont.  Hear what cook Dorothy Littlejohn has to say about the 'magnificent' faciilities. 

The Scottish Women settle into Abbé de Royaumont - with few creature comforts.

Letters were the 'email and FaceBook' of the Great War, but how did the wounded keep in contact with their loved ones? 

Mildred Aldrich, an American whose house overlooked the Miracle on the Marne battle, makes her way into the devastated areas - in a donkey cart!

Mildred Aldrich when visiting the devastated areas north east of Paris meets an elderly woman with a very poignant story.

Christmas Truce? Neither nurses nor their patients played football in No Man's Land on Christmas Day 1914.  Here's a touching story of what happened between British and German soldiers in one hospital ward.

How does an octogenarian French-born Mother Superior of a New Zealand order of nuns get caught up in the War? 

Listen to episode 1 of this entirely forgotten story.


When the women went to war was it all sweetness and light?  Maybe, Maybe not.  Hear May Sinclair's story of how it went terribly wrong.

May Sinclair wrote about her bad experience in France - using poetry as a natural way of telling her story.

Dr Elizabeth Ross - the Scottish Saint of Serbia: she died on Valentine's day.

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