First World War Women

Their war, their lives, their stories

Suffragism and the Great War

Join Viv arm in arm with some of the formidable women of the pre-First World War suffrage and anti-suffrage movements as they turn their considerable skills, honed in over 50 years of active campaigning, to both support of the war and the pursuit of peace.

Get to know how these women bent politicians' wills to their own, challenged and broke the many rôle-norms of a contemporary patriarchal society, raised many thousands of pounds in voluntary contributions and helped convince a US President to join the Allied Cause.

This book explodes many myths, including the simplistic idea that it was women's war service alone which led to their partial enfranchisement in 1918, as some form of reward from a grateful nation. 

Viv reveals a social tapestry which is both complex and infinitely fascinating, one of old friendships broken and new ones formed, shifting alliances and bitter rivalries, of loyalties and even betrayals.

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