Suffrage Women Doing Their Bit

First World War Women

Their war, their lives, their stories

Suffrage Women - Did they really go home and sit still?

This talk is a 'taster' for Viv's book Suffragism and the Great War and is packed full of facts we never knew.

Often spurned by the authorities, especially the British, these formidable women through force of will and sheer organising skill made their mark on the war effort.

As the Prefect (mayor) of the Roumanian port of Constanza said of them, "It's no wonder England is such a great country if her women are like that".  Come and meet a few of them in this talk.

As a bonus, you'll be able to sing along with two of the most famous songs of the War, for whom we have largely suffrage women to thank for their popularity even their very existence.

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