First World War Women

Their war, their lives, their stories

The Untold Story of Agent Régina Diana

Here are some tantalising questions which this fascinating book answers. 

  • Renowned music hall and café concert artiste – but what were her origins?
  • And what were her motivations – patriotism, hatred, love or greed?
  • How big was her network and who was in it?
  • What was her spycraft and who was her spymaster?
  • What was the ‘devil's pact’ between England & Germany she helped to broker in 1915?
  • How many did she send to their deaths?
  • And how did her information change the course of at least one major battle?
  • How did a train and a heater lead to her demise?
  • Was she really the most successful spy of the First World War?

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