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First World War Women

Their war, their lives, their stories

Thinking of you

Letter writing - a vital link to maintain morale.

Gloves, socks, scarves to get them warm

Needing a million pairs of socks before Christmas 1914, the only place to turn was to women!  Toddlers to octogenarians alike knitted for national survival.

Women on the Home Front

As the men mobilised so too the women.  The nation needed them to do far more than keep the "home fires burning".

Policing the nation
  • As men joined up and left for the barracks and then the  battlefields it was up to the women to:
  • Keep the factories working 
  • Make the munitions of war
  • Maintain the law as policewomen
  • Feed the nation
  • Knit and sew uniforms
  • Keep wounded soldiers'  morale up by writing letters for them
  • Cook for the army
  • Write poetry and win compteitions, even against famous male poets such as Wilfred Owen
  • And  keep those all important home fires burning

The top picture shows eight year old Amy's original wartime knitting needles and wool. (Photo courtesy Brodsworth Hall).  

Amy, aged 8, knitting needls and wool

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