First World War Women

Their war, their lives, their stories

"A world of anguish..."

Remembering Paschendaele 1917

through the eye of women poets who witnessed the battle.

Women who were there tell their stories in verse

Take a look at what others are saying about Viv's researches into 'forgotten women".


Tumult & Tears launch - intriguing talk at the Belgian Ambaassador's exquisite Residence.

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"It used to be said that war did not concern women. There never was a grain of truth in it, and now we have learnt how deeply and terribly it does concern us."

Royal Red Cross Medal



Allied women received medals from Great Britain, France, Belgium, Serbia and even Germany! British newspapers asked "Why not VCs for women?" More...

Proud young servicewoman

War Front

Allied women served in vital roles in every theatre of the war - France, Belgium, Mesopotamia (now Iraq), Greece, Serbia, Egypt, India and Russia. More...

Feeding the nation

Home Front

British women fed the nation, made munitions, knitted, sewed, kept factories working, wrote poetry, raised money for the war effort, many died for their country. More...

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Munitions Workers - "Cogs in the Machinery of war".

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Standing up to the War Office - Women who wouldn't "go home and sit still!"

They Shoot Spies! - Germany's spymistress.

Medical Women - Thousands serving on all fronts.

Spying for Belgium. Dying for Belgium - loyalty cost women dearly, even one decorated by both sides!

Tumult & Tears

The Story of the Great War Through the Eyes & Lives of Its Women Poets

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We also Served - Forgotten Women of the First World War

"Without women victory would have been impossible."

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Nursing Through Shot & Shell

Discover an alternative view of military nursing in the First World War.

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Seductress, Singer


Now published


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